Category Explanations

Bittersweet (ex: The Boy Who Could Fly)
Movies that are too happy to be sad, but too sad to be happy.
Cliffhanger (ex: Kill Bill Vol. 1)
Movies that end with a cliffhanger, or are setting up for a sequel. Sub-categories include: “What? How Could You End It There?” for shocking cliffhangers, and “Oh Wow You’re Setting Up For A Sequel” for cliffhangers that ask a question, intending for the next movie to answer it.
Confusing (ex: Revolver)
Movies that end and you’re still trying to figure out what the hell just happened.
Happy (ex: Every Disney movie ever made)
Movies that end happily or with a hopeful feeling. Sub-categories include: “So There Is Hope For Humanity” for endings that reaffirm your hope for the future, “I Am Totally Crying From Happiness Right Now” for endings that overload your tear ducts, and “Happiness Is Just Bursting From My Seams” for endings that make you grin like nobody’s business.
Sad (ex: The Boy With the Striped Pajamas)
Movies that end sadly or with a depressing feeling. Sub-categories include: “Fucking Heartbreaking” for endings that make you cry your eyes out, “There’s No Hope, Let’s Just End it Now” for endings that are so depressing, they make you believe there’s no hope for humanity, and “Creeptastic” for movies that end, sending a shiver down your spine.
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