Don't Spoil Me, Bro!

You ever watch a movie, and want to know if ending is happy, sad or a cliffhanger without spoiling the movie? I thought “That’s gotta be a website,” and with the encouragement of a friend, and my own bullheadedness, here we are.

I wanted to start this on WordPress, because I need to practice my WordPress skills but also because I thought that the Categories could be the movie endings, and the Tags could be the movie titles.

Here’s how this works: Once a week, I’ll post a poll with two questions: What should the next Reader Movie be, and what does the previous Reader Movie rate?

In addition to the poll, there will be two movie posts. Each movie post will consist of a) a movie banner, b) the movie stats (ie, genre, stars, directors, etc) and c) how the movie ends. One of the posts will be a movie of my choice, and the other post, a movie of the readers choice.

It sounds confusing, but here’s a nice infographic to explain it all:

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